CENTER:&size(28){International Workshop on Emergence of Life-Nano-Bio Science};

CENTER:&size(14){March 10 (Wed) - 11 (Thu), 2021};
CENTER:&size(14){Online style by Zoom};

Organized by Area of Life Science and Nano Biology, Division of Strategic Research and Development, Saitama University

Co-organized by the research project supported from JSPS KAKENHI for the Promotion of Joint International Research (Fostering Joint International Research (B)) (No. 19KK0128)

Workshop Chair: Seiichiro Nakabayashi
Organizing Committee: Takahisa Matsuzaki, Ryuzo Kawamura, Hiroshi Yoshikawa, Naritaka Kobayashi, Alexandre Loukanov, Ichiro Sakata, Shinji Tsukahara, Masami Suganuma

CENTER:&size(20){''Program (Japan Standard Time)''};

&size(14){''March 10 (Wed), 2021''};

''9:00-9:10 Opening Remarks''
Seiichiro Nakabayashi (Saitama University)
''9:10-11:50 Plenary Session 1 “Approach From Nanotechnology”''
Chairperson: Naritaka Kobayashi
9:10-10:00 Iván Ortega Blake (Instituto de Ciencias Fisicas de la UNAM, Mexico)
"Toxin/lipid molecular interactions: The role of membrane structure"
10:00-10:50 Teruki Sugiyama (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)
"Artificial fabrication of protein amyloid fibers by optical tweezers"
''10:50-11:00 Break''
''11:00-12:00 Oral Session 1 “Approach From Nanotechnology”''
Chairperson: Ryuzo Kawamura
11:00-11:30 Naritaka Kobayashi (Saitama University, Japan)
"Molecular-scale imaging of lipid bilayer and stiffness distribution analysis by atomic force microscopy"
11:30-12:00 Alexandre Loukanov (Saitama University, Japan)
"Theranostic carbon dots as cytotoxic photooxidase nanozymes to breast cancer cells"
''12:00-13:00 Lunch''
''13:00-15:30 Poster Session (Zoom breakout room)''
''13:00-14:30 Session-1''
''Room-1	Chia-Ying Lin''
"Optical trapping-controlled polymorphism of L-phenylalanine in ureacontaining
''Room-2	Wen-Chi Wang''
"Polymorphism control of L-serine by femtosecond laser pulses at high repetition rate"
''Room-3	Hao-Tse Su''
"Enantioselective control in plasmonic trapping-induced chiral crystallization of sodium chlorate: Gold nanoparticle size dependence"
''Room-4	Tien Chen''
"Fluorescence analysis in optical trapping-controlled phase transition of hen egg-white lysozyme"
''Room-5	Arturo Galván-Hernández''
"Molecular dynamics study on the effect of sterols on lipid domain stability"
''Room-6	Yuan He''
"Biocompatible photoluminescent silk fibers with stability and durability"
''Room-7	Ji Hee Park''
"Senolytic drugs are potential skin lightening agent for aging pigmentation"
''Room-8	Soon Sang Park''
"Senescent tumor cells promote liver metastasis in colorectal cancer"
''Room-9	Kota Ono''
"Morphology and physiological function of calbindin neurons in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis of mice"
''Room-10	Moeri Mitsuzuka''
"Involvement of calbindin neurons in sexually dimorphic nucleion the control of social behaviors in male and female mice"
''Room-11	Ryoma Koiso''
"A histological analysis of sex hormone receptors in the sexually dimorphic nucleus in pubertal mice"
''14:00-15:30 Session-2''
''Room-12	Yuma Kawano''
"Control of self-condensation of cells on mechanically patterned hydrogel
mimicking locally stiffened environment in vivo"
''Room-13	Megumi Shiraiwa''
"Development of the method for producing seed crystals of organic nonlinear optical materials via laser ablation"
''Room-14	Ren Shirata''
"Spatiotemporal control of formation of microtubule networks by focused laser"
''Room-15	Hozumi Takahashi''
"Laser Ablation-Induced Crystallization from Melt ~Glacial Acetic Acid~"
''Room-16	Kohei Kitagawa''
"Ion-pairing enhanced double click reaction on the live cellular surfaces"
''Room-17	Kazuna Mori''
"Investigation of responses to bacterial infection in suncus intestine"
''Room-18	Mio Iijima''
"Inhibitory effect of REV-ERB on GOAT transcription in gastric ghrelinproducing
''Room-19	Takashi Miura''
"Investigating the mechanism underlying alleviation of hyperglycemia in
streptozotocin-induced diabetes in Suncus murinus"
''Room-20	Yuki Kobayashi''
"Characterization of colonic motility in the house musk shrew (suncus murinus)"
''Room-21	Shoma Sato''
"Quantitative evaluation of roles of physical interactions in insect cell adhesion"
''Room-22	Kazuhiro Kanki''
"Preparation and utilization of histidine doped carbon nanodots as photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy"
''15:30-16:30 Break''
''16:30-18:10 Plenary Session 2 “Approach From Life Science”''
Chairperson: Hiroshi Yoshikawa
16:30-17:20 Oliver Zierau (Technical University Dresden, Germany) 
"Effects of hops extracts on bone health and breast cancer risk"
17:20-18:10 Adolfo Rivero-Müller (Medical University of Lublin, Poland)
"Re-engineering cell signalling"

&size(14){''March 11 (Thu), 2021''};

''9:00-11:30 Plenary Session 3 “Approach From Life Science”''
Chairpersons: Takahisa Matsuzaki, Ryuzo Kawamura
9:00-9:50 James Gimzewski (University of California, Los Angeles, USA) 
"AFM and nanomedicine"
9:50-10:40 Shivani Sharma (University of California, Los Angeles, USA) 
"Nanoparticles circulating in body-fluids: biomedical applications and regulations"
10:40-11:30 Yong-Mei Chen (Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, China)
"Neural stem cell laden self-healing polysaccharide hydrogels transplantation 
promotes neurogenesis and functional recovery after cerebral ischemia in rats
''11:30-11:40 Break''
''11:40-13:10 Oral Session 2 “Approach From Life Science” ''
Chairperson: Alexandre Loukanov
11:40-12:10 Takahisa Matsuzaki (Saitama University, Japan)
"Mechanics of extracellular matrix and cell membrane defines life phenomena"
12:10-12:40 Ryuzo Kawamura (Saitama University, Japan)
"Enhanced movement of kinesin-driven microtubules by crosslink and the application as active material"
12:40-13:10 Hiroshi Yoshikawa (Saitama University, Japan)
"Production of ordered assembly of proteins by laser techniques"
''13:10-14:00 Lunch''
''14:00-14:50 Plenary Session 4 “Approach From Biological Science”''
Chairperson: Masami Suganuma
14:00-14:50 Tae Jun Park (Ajou University, Korea)
"Senescent tumor cells in colorectal cancer progression"
''14:50-16:20 Oral Session 3 “Approach From Biological Science”''
Chairperson: Ichiro Sakata, Shinji Tsukahara
14:50-15:20 Masahiro Morishita and Shinji Tsukahara (Saitama University, Japan)
"Male-specific neurons contributing to male sexual function"
15:20-15:50 Shota Takemi and Ichiro Sakata (Saitama University, Japan)
"Study of gastrointestinal motility using Suncus murinus"
15:50-16:20 Masami Suganuma (Saitama University, Japan)
"Cell stiffness: a key biophysical property for malignant progression and cancer prevention"
''16:20-16:30 Closing Remarks''
Seiichiro Nakabayashi (Saitama University, Japan)

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