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Our History

1st 2003 Kariya, Japan
2nd 2005 Gyeongju, Korea
3rd 2007 Harbin, China
4th 2009 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
5th 2011 Noboribetsu, Japan
6th 2013 Jeju, Korea
7th 2015 Xi'an, China
8th 2017 Bangkok, Thailand
9th 2019 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
10th 2022 Matsue, Japan

Matsue City

Matsue City
What are in Matsue?

Tatara : a traditional iron making method, passed down for a thousand years. People gathered iron sand from mountains, rivers, and oceans and fired it with charcoal to make iron. The purity of the iron was high due to the unique iron making method . A work, "Nittoho", is still in operation, but only in January. However, there are many museums, related to "Tatara".
Here: Tatara Museum, Tatara Movie(youtube),

Adachi Museum of Art:
Adachi Garden : It has the most beautiful Japanese garden according to a USA journal, "The Journal of Japanese Gardening".

Matsue Castle :

The Samurai Residence :

Gesshyo temple :

Lake and River of matsue city
lake and river

Izumo city

Izumo Shrine :

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Hot Spring