本研究領域は、本学における研究拠点として東アジア地域の研究を推進するため、文理融合、複合科学的見地から東アジア地域の持続的発展(Sustainable Development, SD)に向けての必要な研究を行い、その成果の社会への還元を目指します。

The Strategic Research Area for Sustainable Development in East Asia, Saitama University, Japan aims to promote research and communication with the society on issues related to sustainable development in East Asia by inter-discipline approaches covering humanities and social sciences as well as science, technology and engineering.
The Research Center for Sustainable Development in East Asian (SU-RCSDEA) is established as the center of the research projects and communication on the research outputs with the society.

最近の活動 / Recent activities

Article, "Radiation knowledge and willingness to buy bottled water from regions near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant", by Assoc.Prof.Kentaka Aruga (August, 2020)

Article, "Is the willingness to support disaster regions through consumption related to altruism? A discrete choice experiment", by Assoc.Prof.Kentaka Aruga and Assoc.Prof. Tomothy Bolt (November,2020)

Article, "Effects of Foreign Direct Investment and Trade on Labor Productivity Growth in Vietnam", by Assoc. Prof. (October,2020)

Article, "Selecting optimal intermediary channels in emerging markets: The case of Vietnamese toiletries", by Prof. Motoi Ihara(July,2020)

Publication, "OECD Multi-dimensional Review of Viet Nam: Towards an Integrated, Transparent and Sustainable Economy", Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development contributred by Assoc. Prof. Hidekatsu Asada(July,2020)

Article, "Analyzing the condition of Japanese electricity cost linkages by fossil fuel sources after the Fukushima disaster" by Assoc. Prof. Kentaka Aruga(March,2020)


Workshop on "Pusan National University, National Sun Yat-sen University and Saitama University”(7 February 2020)


Case studies by Prof. Wiboon Kittilaksanawong, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (January 2020)

Article on Malaysia's fiscal sustainability in a context of the promotion of inclusive growth by Assoc. Prof.Hidekatsu Asada,SU-RCSDEA staff member (December 2019)

Photo Exhibition and Seminar: Bright Future Achieved by Quality Infrastructure in ASEAN -Connecting ASEAN, Indonesia (October 2019)

Workshop on East-Asia SD Research hosted by RCSDEA, Saitama University (October 2019)

第15回 GMC 国際シンポジウム(The 15th International Symposium of Global Manufacturing and China) (2019年9月)

2nd Joint Seminar between National University of Civil Engineering and Saitama University, Vietnam (September 2019)

ベトナムSATREPSラボ除幕式ならびにNUCE-SUジョイントセミナー2019(大学院理工学研究科 川本健教授 共同研究、2019年9月)

International Workshop hosted by Chulalongkorn University, Thailand  (August 2019)

Fifteenth Annual Conference, Asia-Pacific Economic Association (APEA) at Fukuoka University: Presentations by JDS (The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship) Mongolian students and discussions by SU staffs at the Session 5B of Mongolian Economy: Challenges in Fiscal and Monetary Policies (August 2019)

16th Pacific Regional Science Conference Organization Summer Institute on July 26, 2019 at Chulalongkorn University,Thailand (July 2019)
Presentation by Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchi in the Conference is here(SU-RCSDEA 2019-001)

OECD's2019 Economic Survey of Malaysia,co-authored by Assoc. Prof.Hidekatsu Asada,SU-RCSDEA staff member (July 2019)