本研究領域は、本学の強みを有する研究領域の研究を推進する戦略的研究領域の一部として、文理融合・複合科学的見地から東アジア地域の持続的発展(Sustainable Development, SD)に向けての必要な研究を行い、その成果の社会への還元を目指します。

The Strategic Research Area for Sustainable Development in East Asia (SRASDEA) is a part of the Strategic Areas of Saitama University, Japan which promotes research that the university has strength. The SRASDEA aims to promote research and communication with the society on issues related to sustainable development in East Asia by inter-discipline approaches covering humanities and social sciences as well as science, technology and engineering.

最近の活動 / Recent activities

Article,Egeria densa organic extracts: an eco-friendly approach to suppress Microcystis aeruginosa growth through allelopathy by Ashika Wijesinghe, Mudalige Don Hiranya Jayasanka Senavirathna,Prof.Takeshi Fujino (November 2023)

Article,Effects of Humic Acids on the Toxicity and Accumulation of Zinc and Cadmium to Chironomid Larvae, Rheocricotopus spp. by Ashok Kumar Shrestha, Prof.Takeshi Fujino and Prof.Masayori Hagimori(November 2023)

Article,Premature Deindustrialization or Reindustrialization in China’s Latecomer Provinces by Ni Lar and Prof.Hiroyuki Taguchi (October 2023)

Article,Toxicity of triclosan, an antimicrobial agent, to a nontarget freshwater zooplankton species, Moina macrocopa by Thilomi Samarakoon,Prof.Takeshi Fujino(September 2023)

Article,Inhibitory Effect of Aqueous Extracts from Egeria densa Planch. on Cyanobacteria Microcystis aeruginosa (Kutzing) Lemmermann Growth by Ashika Wijesinghe,Assistant Prof.Mudalige Don Hiranya Jayasanka Senavirathna,Prof.Takeshi Fujino(September 2023)

Article,An empirical analysis of premature deindustrialization in latecomer developing countries by Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchi and Ryo Kosegawa (August 2023)

本学理工学研究科環境科学・社会基盤部門 藤野毅教授が季刊『世界平和研究』No.236(Vol.49,No.1,通巻236号)の「自由論題」に「グリーンインフラ事業の特徴と社会実装における課題」を執筆しました。(2023.夏季号)(2023年7月)

本学理工学研究科環境科学・社会基盤部門 藤野毅教授がJST「国際青少年サイエンス交流事業(さくらサイエンスプログラム)」に採択されました。採択課題はこちらNo.41です (2023年7月)

Article,Response surface optimization of chemical coagulation for solid?liquid separation of dairy manure slurry through Box?Behnken design with desirability function by Thenuwara Arachchige Omila Kasun Meetiyagoda,Toshinori Takahashi,Takeshi Fujino,Heliyon (June 2023)

Article,Modulation of phytotoxic and cytogenetic effects of cadmium by humic acid: Findings from a short-term plant-based bioassay by Thilomi Samarakoon,Takeshi Fujino, Water Science & Technology (June 2023)

Article,Detectability of the trend and hysteresis in rainfall across Kali Gandaki River Basin, Central Himalaya, Nepal by Mahendra B. Baniya, Takeshi Fujino, Rocky Talchabhadel, Arjun Baniya, Saroj Karki, Shivaram K.C. & Biswo Jha, Theoretical and Applied Climatology (June 2023)

Article,Impact of the interest rate ceiling on credit cost, loan size, and informal credit in the microfinance sector: evidence from a household survey in Cambodia by Assoc. Prof. Sovannroeun Samreth, Daiju Aiba, Sothearoath Oeur and Vanndy Vat (June 2023)

Article,Detection of Zn2+ ions using a high-affinity low-molecular-weight fluorescence probe in two freshwater organisms by Ashok K. Shrestha, Thilomi Samarakoon, Takeshi Fujino & Masayori Hagimori (March 2023)

Presentation, Prof. Koki Hirota's presentation on"Estimating Asia’s SocialInfrastructure Needs in the time of COVID-19" for IMF-JICA Conference on Recovery from the Pandemic in Developing Asia: Achieving Inclusive and Sustainable Growth with Sound Fiscal Management
Link to JICA website and IMF website (February 2023)

Article,Individual and combined effects of humic acid on life-history characteristics of the water flea Moina macrocopa upon whole-lifespan cadmium exposure by Thilomi Samarakoon & Takeshi Fujino (February 2023)

Article, Water Pollution and Pollution? Control Capacity in Chinese Provinces: Panel Estimations of Provincial Environmental Kuznets Curves by Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchi, Prof. Takeshi Fujino, Assoc Prof. Hidekatsu Asada andJun-Jun Ma (March 2023)
This paper is an output of the joint research project of SU's Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (Taguchi and Asada) and Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Fujino and Ma)

Publication, Financial Digitalization and Its Implications for ASEAN+3 Regional Financial Stability contributed by Prof. Shinobu Nakagawa and Prof.Takeshi Osada (January 2023)

研究論文電子版8月掲載分の冊子が発行されました。Limnology, Volume 24, Issue 1, January 2023,pages9-23, Cadmium uptake and oxidative-stress-induced DNA alterations in the freshwater cladoceran Moina macrocopa (Straus 1820) following consecutive short-term exposure assessments by Thilomi Samarakoon and Prof. Takeshi Fujino (January 2023)

Article,Solid-Liquid Separation of Dairy Barn by Electrocoagulation with Cationic Polymer Coagulant by Toshinori Takahashi,T.A.O.K.Meetiyagoda,Rasheed Bakare,Enjeh Fobang, Ken Takeda and Prof. Takeshi Fujino (January 2023)

Article,A Review of Emerging Scientific Discussions on Green Infrastructure (GI)-Prospects towards Effective Use of Urban Flood Plains by H.M.M.S.D.Herath,Prof. Takeshi Fujino and M.D.H.J.Seravirathna (January 2023)


2022年12月12日、外国人招へい研究者 Nguyen Ho Que博士研究員(キョンプク国立大学)による特別講演が開催されました。(2022年12月)

Article,Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Tokyo Wholesale Tuna Market by Prof. Kentaka Aruga (November 2022)

Article,Institutional Investors’ Willingness to Pay for Green Bonds: A Case for Shanghai by Zenno, Y. and Prof. Aruga, K (November 2022)

2022年9月30日、JSPS外国人招へい研究者 PIYADASA Ranjana Udaya kumara教授(コロンボ大学)による特別講演が開催されました。(2022年10月)

Article, Deindustrialisation in post-Soviet economies: premature deindustrialisation, Dutch disease, human capital, and institutions by Prof.Hiroyuki Taguchi and Elbek Erkin Ugli Abdullaev (September 2022 )

Conference presentation,Global Sustainability Strategies of Asian Multinational Enterprises: Beyond COVID-19 Pandemic by Prof.Wiboon Kittilaksanawong (September 2022)

Article, Effects of the Human-Mobility Change during the COVID-19 Pandemic on Electricity Demand by Prof. Kentaka Aruga (September 2022)

Article,Effects of Foreign Direct Investment, Trade Openness, and Human Capital Development on the Economic Growth of Thailand by Assoc. Prof. Hidekatsu Asada (September 2022)

Article,Developing Novel Technique for Investigating Guidelines and Frameworks: A Text Mining Comparison between International and Japanese Green Bonds by Aruga, K., Islam, Md. M., Zenno, Y., and Jannat, A (August 2022)

Article,Cadmium uptake and oxidative-stress-induced DNA alterations in the freshwater cladoceran Moina macrocopa (Straus 1820) following consecutive short-term exposure assessments by Thilomi Samarakoon and Prof. Takeshi Fujino (August 2022)

Article,Natural Resource Funds: Their Objectives and Effectiveness by Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchi and Javkhlan Ganbayar (August 2022)

Article,Effects of the State of Emergency during the COVID-19 Pandemic on Tokyo Vegetable Markets by Prof.Aruga, K., Islam, Md. M.and Jannat, A. (July 2022)

Article,China's global value chain linkage and logistics performances in emerging ASEAN economies by Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchi and Jun Zhao (July 2022)

Article,Premature Deindustrialization Risk in Thailand by Ni Lar and Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchi (June 2022)

Article, Premature Deindustrialization Risk in Asian Latecomer Developing Economies by Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchi and Yuta Tsukada (June 2022)

Article,Asahi Group Holdings Limited: Global Expansion Versus Financial Leverage by Prof. Wiboon Kittilaksanawong, and Tomas Hovorka (May 2022)

Article,Optimization of electrocoagulation-flotation treatment with an aluminum anode to enhance Microcystis aeruginosa cell removal efficiency by Thenuwara Arachchige Omila Kasun and Prof. Takeshi Fujino (May 2022)

Article,Impact of the Number of Hours Spent at Home on the Volume of Municipal Waste Generated: Evidence from Tokyo during the COVID-19 Pandemic by Prof. Kentaka Aruga (May 2022)

2022年4月30日、林外務大臣のウズベキスタン訪問において世界経済外交大学を視察した際、同大学から埼玉大学との交流が紹介されました。詳細記事へのリンクはこちらです(ウズベキスタンUniversity of World Economy and Diplomacyサイト)。また、日本国外務省HPでの林外務大臣のウズベキスタン訪問の記事へのリンクはこちらです (2022年4月)

Article,Root adsorption of microplastic particles affects the submerged freshwater macrophyte Egeria densa by Prof. Takeshi Fujino (co-author) (February 2022)

Article,High-Affinity Ratiometric Fluorescence Probe Based on 6-Amino-2,2′-Bipyridine Scaffold for Endogenous Zn2+ and Its Application to Living Cells by Prof. Takeshi Fujino (co-author) (February 2022)

Article,Energy-Use Inefficiency and Policy Governance in Central Asian Countries by Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchi and Aktamov Asomiddin (February 2022)

本学理工学研究科環境科学・社会基盤部門 藤野毅教授がスリランカ・コロンボ大学のラムサール条約が採択された2月2日「世界湿地の日」のイベントとしてウェビナーで講演しました。ウェビナーの概要はこちらです (2022年2月)

Article,Manufacturing exports and institutional qualities in Central Asian countries by Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchi and Abdukodirov Amirjon (December 2021)

Article,Investigating the effects of altruism on consumer preference for food from disaster-affected regions: A case of Japan by Prof. Kentaka Aruga and Assoc. Prof Timothy Bolt (December 2021)

Book, Impacts of Fukushima Nuclear Accident on Freshwater Environments, contributed by Prof.Takeshi Fujino (November 2021)

Article,The Turning Point of Global Value Chain's Position in Emerging East Asian Economies by Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchi and Ken Nibayashi (September 2021)

Article,Dam-Induced Alteration in Seasonal Fluvial Discharge Time Series in Kali Gandaki Hydropower Dam, Syangja, Nepal: An Application of Wavelet Analysis by Mahendra B. Baniya, Prof. Takeshi Fujino, Arjun Baniya, Shivaram K.C., Biswo Jha (August 2021)

Article,Financial Additionality of Multilateral Development Banks in Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects by Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchi and Kota Yasumura (July 2021)

Article, Do Remittances from Emigrants Cause "Dutch Disease" in Nepal and Bangladesh? by Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchi (July 2021)

Article, Assessment of the applicability of a low-cost sensor?based methane monitoring system for continuous multi-channel sampling by Isura S.P. Nagahage, Ekanayaka A.A.D. Nagahage & Prof. Takeshi Fujino (July 2021)

Article,Revisiting the effects of demographic dynamics on economic growth in Asia: a panel vector-autoregressive approach with a saving channel by Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchi,Ni Lar and Sereyvuth Ky (June 2021)

Article, Stress and Recovery Responses of Microcystis aeruginosa Exposed to Extreme Light for Different Durations by Mudalige D.H.J. Senavirathna, Guligena Muhetaer, Hongyu Yan, Bahaguri Aihemaiti & Prof. Takeshi Fujino (May 2021)

Article, Selective Cadmium Fluorescence Probe Based on Bis-heterocyclic Molecule and its Imaging in Cells by Masayori Hagimori, Yasushi Karimine, Naoko Mizuyama, Fumiko Hara, Takeshi Fujino, Hideo Saji & Takahiro Mukai (May 2021)

Article, Effects of the 2008 Financial Crisis and COVID-19 Pandemic on the Dynamic Relationship between the Chinese and International Fossil Fuel Markets by Tang, C., and Aruga, K.(May 2021)

Article, Myanmar's Manufacturing Exports After the Lifting of Economic Sanctions by Prof.Hiroyuki Taguchi and Thet Mon Soe (April 2021)

Article, Mobike China: Competing through the Giant’s Ecosystem by Prof. Wiboon Kittilaksanawong & Huijing Liu (April 2021)

Article, Changes in Human Mobility under the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Tokyo Fuel Market by Assoc. Prof. Kenta Aruga (April 2021)

Article, Visualization and Quantification of the Impact of Humic Acid on Zinc Accumulation in Aquatic Plants Using a Low-Molecular-Weight Fluorescent Probe by Thenuwara A.O.K. Meetiyagoda, Kabul Fadilah, Masayori Hagimori, Mudalige D.H.J. Senavirathna andProf.Takeshi Fujino (April 2021)

Article, Determinants of Country Risk Premium Revisit:Evidence for Emerging Market and Developing Economies by Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchiand Bolortuya Munkhbat (March 2021)

Event co-organized by SU-RCSDEA: SATREPS Seminar on Development of New Technologies Utilizing CDW and Industrial By-products on 30 March 2021

本学理工学研究科環境科学・社会基盤部門 藤野毅教授とMr. TAOK Meetiyagodaの共著により、国際学術誌Waterに採択された論文 ”Comparison of different anode materials to remove /Microcystis aeruginosa/cells using electro-coagulation-flotation process at low current inputs” by TAOK Meetiyagoda and Fujino,TがEditor‘s Choice Articleに選ばれました。(2021年3月)

Article,Quantitative linkage between global value chains’backward participation and logistics performance in the host country: a structural gravity model analysis of emerging ASEAN economies by Hiroyuki Taguchi & Mon Soe Thet (January 2021)

Article, "Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Inflows to Myanmar", by Assoc.Prof. Hidekatsu Asada (January 2021)

Publication, "Human Resource Landscape in Mainland ASEAN, 2020", contributed by Prof.Hiroyuki Taguchi (2020)

Article, "The Turning Point of Domestic Value Creation in Exports Based on the Knowledge-Capital Model", by Kazuhiko Oyamada and Prof.Hiroyuki Taguchi (December, 2020)

Article, "Comparison of Different Anode Materials to Remove Microcystis aeruginosa Cells Using Electro-Coagulation - Flotation Process at Low Current Inputs", by Thenuwara A.O.K. Meetiyagoda and Takeshi Fujino (December, 2020)

論文、本学・長田健准教授、橋本武敏、デービッド・R・ヴェラ 「取締役会の構造・個人ネットワークが日本企業の不正発生・発覚に与えた影響」(2020年11月)

Article, "Comment on “Thailand’s Policy Challenges", by Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchi (November, 2020)

Article, "A Study on the Pass-Through Rate of the Exchange Rate on the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Import Price in China", by Chaofeng Tang and Assoc.Prof. Kentaka Aruga (November,2020)

Article, "Monetary Policy Rule and Taylor Principle in Mongolia: GMM and DSGE Approaches", by Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchi and Ganbayar Gunbileg (November,2020)

Article, "Is the willingness to support disaster regions through consumption related to altruism? A discrete choice experiment", by Assoc.Prof.Kentaka Aruga and Assoc.Prof. Timothy Bolt (November,2020)

Article, "Effects of Foreign Direct Investment and Trade on Labor Productivity Growth in Vietnam", by Assoc. Prof. Hidekatsu Asada (October,2020)

Article, "Radiation knowledge and willingness to buy bottled water from regions near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant", by Assoc.Prof.Kentaka Aruga (August, 2020)

Article, "Selecting optimal intermediary channels in emerging markets: The case of Vietnamese toiletries", by Prof. Motoi Ihara(July,2020)

Publication, "OECD Multi-dimensional Review of Viet Nam: Towards an Integrated, Transparent and Sustainable Economy", Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development contributred by Assoc. Prof. Hidekatsu Asada(July,2020)

Article, "Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Responses of Phormidium ambiguum and Microcystis aeruginosa Under Diurnally Varying Light Conditions" by Guligena Muhetaer, Senavirathna M.D.H. Jayasanka and Takeshi Fujino (June,2020)

論文(中国語)、戴 艶娟・李 潔(本学教授)・泉 弘志・寧 亜東、「中美各行業全労働生産率増長率的測算ー基与世界投入産出表」(『政治経済学季刊』第3巻第1号 110-148 (2020年6月)

論文(中国語)、楊浄・李 潔(本学教授)、「産業貿易結構的新天際線分析ー基与非競争型投入産出模型」(『政治経済学季刊』第3巻第1号 92-109 (2020年6月)

Article, "Tata Consultancy Services Limited: The Joint Venture with Mitsubishi Corporation in Japan", by Prof. Wiboon Kittilaksanawong and Prageeth Krishnan (April,2020)

Article, "Analyzing the condition of Japanese electricity cost linkages by fossil fuel sources after the Fukushima disaster" by Assoc. Prof. Kentaka Aruga(March,2020)


Workshop on "Pusan National University, National Sun Yat-sen University and Saitama University”(7 February 2020)


Case studies by Prof. Wiboon Kittilaksanawong, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (January 2020)

Article on Malaysia's fiscal sustainability in a context of the promotion of inclusive growth by Assoc. Prof.Hidekatsu Asada,SU-RCSDEA staff member (December 2019)

Photo Exhibition and Seminar: Bright Future Achieved by Quality Infrastructure in ASEAN -Connecting ASEAN, Indonesia (October 2019)

Workshop on East-Asia SD Research hosted by RCSDEA, Saitama University (October 2019)

第15回 GMC 国際シンポジウム(The 15th International Symposium of Global Manufacturing and China) (2019年9月)

2nd Joint Seminar between National University of Civil Engineering and Saitama University, Vietnam (September 2019)

ベトナムSATREPSラボ除幕式ならびにNUCE-SUジョイントセミナー2019(大学院理工学研究科 川本健教授 共同研究、2019年9月)

International Workshop hosted by Chulalongkorn University, Thailand  (August 2019)

Fifteenth Annual Conference, Asia-Pacific Economic Association (APEA) at Fukuoka University: Presentations by JDS (The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship) Mongolian students and discussions by SU staffs at the Session 5B of Mongolian Economy: Challenges in Fiscal and Monetary Policies (August 2019)

16th Pacific Regional Science Conference Organization Summer Institute on July 26, 2019 at Chulalongkorn University,Thailand (July 2019)
Presentation by Prof. Hiroyuki Taguchi in the Conference is here(SU-RCSDEA 2019-001)

OECD's2019 Economic Survey of Malaysia,co-authored by Assoc. Prof.Hidekatsu Asada,SU-RCSDEA staff member (July 2019)