As part of the International Graduate Program at Saitama University, the Graduate School of Science and Engineering offers highly qualified students the opportunity to pursue doctoral studies and research in the field of Engineering leading to a Doctor of Engineering/Philosophy Degree. The International Graduate Program on Green and Sustainable Chemical Technologies (GSC) covers a broad spectrum of research fields including Chemistry, Material Science, Environmental Sciences, Ecological Engineering and Environmental Health Sciences. The program starts in October and requires a standard three-year residency for the completion of a doctoral degree. Class instruction, research supervision and guidance are conducted in English, as well as dissertations, reports, examinations and presentations by students.

Doctoral applicants who are seeking admission with Monbukagakusho (MEXT) scholarship

November 21, 2023 Deadline for receiving applications
December, 2023 Notification of results to short-listed candidates Internet-based interviews/evaluation for short-listed candidates
February-March, 2024 Notification of results to applicants
(The list of nominees sent to MEXT for approval)
July, 2024 Official approval from MEXT & Saitama University
September 28, 2024 Graduate program begins

Click here Important dates for applicants who are only seeking admission, and are self - supported or have already obtained other scholarships /financial assistance.

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Application guidelines

Please communicate with the prospective supervisor and obtain his/her approval before applying. If you obtain the supervisors' consent, please contact the Foreign Student Office (FSO-GSC) through email ( You may choose your desired supervisor through the list of Programs, Courses, Supervises and their Lectures.

All applicants to GSC must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Must hold a Masters degree or equivalent research experience, or expected to graduate by the date of enrollment.
  2. Must residing outside Japan at the time of application and not hold Japanese nationality.
  3. Must meet the eligibility requirements of the Japanese government Monbukagakusho (MEXT)*) scholarship.
    *) MEXT: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of the Government of Japan.

An applicant for the doctoral degree program with Monbukagakusho (MEXT) scholarship must:

  • Have university grade points average (GPA)*of 2.30 or above in the last two years of study, and are expected to maintain the same academic standards during the course of the scholarship program.
    *) Grade pointsGPA should be calculatedcalculated according to a the formula specified by MEXT.
  • Have the nationality of a country with diplomatic relations with the Japanese government.
  • Be under 35 years of age as of April 1, 2024. (i.e., born on or after April 2, 1989).
  • Have the necessary qualifications to be admitted to a graduate school of Japanese university as a doctorate candidate (including those who are deemed to certain to satisfy this requirement by the time they travel to Japan).
  • Have obtained an English language proficiency test score*) that is equivalent to CEFR*) level B2 or higher:: Qualification Score TOEFL (IBT) 72 or higher, IELTS 5.5 or higher, or the Mmedium of Instruction instruction of you latest qualification is English (a Certificate certificate issued by your the most recent universityinstitute is required). To see the CEFR Equivalency Chart visit
  • Be in good mental and physical health.
    *) Scores are valid for 2 years from the written test.
    *) CEFR: The Common European Framework of Language, please refer to the CEFR Equivalency Chart.

An applicant who was an awardee of the Japanese Government Scholarship during the last three years is not eligible for this scholarship program.


Evaluation of applications will be based on the candidate's scholastic ability and research potential assessed from previous credentials, recommendation letters and essays on specific topics. During the selection process, short-listed candidates will be contacted through internet-based interviews or other appropriate means. Also, during this period, the candidates may be asked to make corrections or submit additional documents for the official procedures only if required. After University selection procedure, the lists of candidates nominated for the MEXT scholarships is sent to the MEXT for final approval. The grantees will be decided upon screening at MEXT *).
Any form of inquiries regarding the status of applications will not entertain until the selection is finalized.
*) Passing the Saitama University screening process does not guarantee that an applicant will be granted a scholarship from the MEXT.


The MEXT scholarships are granted to eight new doctoral students each year. This is applicable to the October intake only. The MEXT scholarship covers application, admission, and tuition fees, with a monthly allowance 148,000yen*) and round-trip economic airfare from the awardee's home country (The return ticket, however, is provided only on successful completion of doctoral study in three years). The MEXT scholarship is granted for up to three years based on the satisfactory performance of the student, not extendable beyond three years.
*) The standard monthly allowance will be 145,000 yen for students enrolled to the doctoral program (FY2024) with an additional regional allowance of 3,000 yen, i.e.,a total of 148,000 yen.

The scholarship amount and conditions are subject to change as specified by the regulations of the MEXT Scholarship program and will not be paid to those who take a leave of absence from Saitama University.

Also, scholarships from other private organizations can be introduced to the self-supported students. The list of scholarships is available on the website of Saitama University.


Please communicate with the prospective supervisor and obtain his/her approval before applying.
If you obtain the supervisors' consent, please contact the Foreign Student Office (FSO-GSC) through email (
You may choose your desired supervisor through the list of Programs, Courses, Supervises and their Lectures.


1. Completed application form (Form A)

2. Field of Study and Research Plan (Form B)

3. Official certificate of grades from the most recent academic institution attended.

*MUST state the number of credits and the year/period of credit acquisition for each course undertaken.
*MUST include or be accompanied by a document that shows a clear explanation of all possible levels used in grade evaluation (i.e. A, B, C, D, Fail, etc.).
If the grade evaluation method is not described in the transcript, documents explaining it must be attached.
If you are currently enrolled in a Masters level course, please submit an official transcript of the last degree program (Bachelor's), that you have graduated from, as well as an official transcript of your current Master’s program.
Those who have graduated (Master's) also should submit transcripts from both undergraduate and graduate schools.
If the transcript is issued in a language other than English, please submit the transcript in your native language accompanied by an English translation certified by an issuing institution or public notary.

4. (Optional) Records from the most recent university or institute indicating superior academic achievement with a clear indicator of outstanding performance (e.g., GPA, grades and criteria, or individual rank order).

5. Official certificate of graduation or expected graduation or of program completion or expected program completion from the most recent academic institution attended (Graduate degree program).

If you have already graduated from a graduate school by the time of application, submit your certificate of graduation of completion. If you are presently enrolled, a certificate of expected graduation is required.

Applicants who are expected to graduate:
Submit a certificate with the month and year of expected graduation.

If your graduation certificate is written in a language other than English, please submit the certificate in your native language accompanied by an English translation certified by an issuing institution or public notary.
Important: High school graduation certificate not required.

6. Abstract of graduation thesis and publications.

*The abstract MUST be a concise summary (within 1 page) of your most recently written thesis, or of your graduation project or a term paper, etc., if you did not write a thesis.

7. Two letters of recommendation.

  1. One of the two letters shall be provided by your supervisor of the currently enrolled or most recently graduated program.
  2. The second recommendation letters must be obtained from the Dean or a person of equivalent or higher capacity of the applicant’s recent graduate school or institution.
  3. The name of the addressee stated in the recommendation letters must be “The President of Saitama University, Japan”.
  4. Recommendation letters with a digital signature or a signed scanned copy should be Emailed directly to the GSC program (Email: the official Email address of the recommender.
    Evaluation committee may contact the recommenders directly during the document review stage.

    Recommendation letter Format : Please use the designated recommendation letter format which can be downloaded from the GSC homepage.

8. Copy of the passport page containing the applicant’s name and date of birth or copy of a government- issued family registry or citizenship registry copy that shows the applicant’s legal name and birthdate.

9. Copy of Certificate of *English proficiency an official score of TOEFL or IELTS or equivalent or medium of instruction certificate issued by university.

*English proficiency

  1. Holds an English proficiency test score equivalent to B2 or above on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) scale (e.g. TOEFL IBT 72 or above IELTS 5.5 or above). Scores are valid for 2 years from the written test.
  2. Has completed an educational program whose primary language of instruction is English that satisfies the entrance requirements to the Doctoral program at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering Saitama University.

Applicants who completed full-time degree programs in English can submit MI certificate as a proof of English proficiency. MI certificate is an official letter or a certificate stating that English is the language of instruction at the university or a specific degree program. If English being the language of instruction is clearly specified in the transcript or diploma, there is no need to submit MI certificate separately.


All documents listed above must be first submitted via email. The shortlisted applicants are required to submit the originals of the document via post.
Two recommendation letters must be emailed directly from each recommender to the Foreign Student Office.

The application deadline for MEXT scholarship for the 2024 intake is 21st November, 2023.
These guidelines and Form A, Form B and LOR are available on the GSC program website.


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