Counselling for parenting, caregiving, balancing work and family etc.

Research and education, balancing work and life including parenting and caregiving, gender and sexuality, mental and physical health, workplace relationships and harassment, etc. If you have any issues relating to gender equality, contact the Gender Equality Office staff.

Diversity Counselling & Consultation Services at the Diversity Promotion Office in Saitama University

We are here to support you with various issues in your daily work and life that are hard to share with people around you. Female counselors are available if you prefer.

  • Counselling & Consultation Examples
  • Marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, housework
  • Caregiving
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Human relations at laboratory or workplace
  • Guiding students or operating a laboratory

Making Appointment
Appointment can be made in various ways, you may:

Information of Diversity Counselling(PDF)