Research Support

Support for Starting International Joint Research

For female faculty members who are starting international joint research, faculty members who have experience working on international joint research as an advisor. They support you with launching and operating the joint research.

President’s Special Award (Mizuki Award)

This award is given to female researchers specializing in natural sciences, whose outstanding achievements in education and research activities are recognized, and who have been successful as a female research leader.

About Research Support Grant

This program is to support for full-time faculty members of this university whose research activities are limited due to pregnancy, parenting, or caregiving. Graduate students or students in the third year or above in this university can act as a research assistant or an administrative assistant.

Eligible Applicants:
A full-time faculty member of this university who requires support for research activities and meets the following criteria:
– Those who are pregnant, or whose spouse is pregnant
– Those who are parenting children in elementary school
– Those who are caring for family members (spouse or within the second degree of kinship)
Support Description:
One supported faculty can assign a research assistant or an administrative assistant . The research assistant supports the member with data analysis, experimentation and documentation, etc. The administrative assistant supports the member with paperwork.
(1) Support period (FY2019, second period)
One month between October 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020
(2) Support time: 40 hours or less
(3) Support cost: Research assistant 1,000 yen per hour, administrative assistant 900 yen per hour

Implementation Guidelines for the Research Support Grant(2019)(PDF)
Application for the Research Support Grant(WORD)